Crowne Connect Overview


Brief: How can Crowne Plaza embrace a challenger brand mindset in order to combine the inherent benefits of hotels with the traveler’s desire for a more authentic, individual and flexible travel experience? Deliver a brand identity, and digital and physical activations, that bring the best of these together to transform the business travel category.

Solution: Business travel is now about connection and face to face interaction. Crowne Connect, a digital network within every Crowne Plaza hotel that allows guests to meet easily, starting a conversation to encourage collaboration, and networking. Every hotel is filled with bright young business travelers. There’s a missed opportunity to connect all these minds together.


Maintaining a sense of continuity with the original colour scheme, but modernising it for the increased amount of digital usage within the brand. It wasn’t about completely overhauling the original type. But, taking the right elements to keep. Which was the X-Height and X-Width, along with the base structure of the letters.


Rounded corner, bold colours, smooth gradients. The principle of the Crowne Connect visuals are based upon being bright and easy. Splitting work and social based on colour scheme alone. The colours then work in a complimentary way with the overarching Crowne Plaza brand, and connects together to be used in conjunction.