Hello/Hola/Bonjour, I'm Ed.

I design and I make. I love building things, desks, lego, apps, anything. I’m incredibly curious about the nature of human interaction and the way we connect with objects and products. As a designer, I consider myself a hybrid of function, innovation and aesthetics with a splash of humour. Quite simply, creating things makes me super happy

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Other things that make Ed super happy:


Hockey playing

Lego building

TV show binging

Watching sport

Playing sport

Playing sport without injuring himself...

Beer consuming

Kitchen table drumming

Naming inanimate objects




Falmouth University / BA (hons) Graphic Design 14 - 17

SGS College / Art Foundation Diploma 13 - 14 

KLB School / Graphics, Photography & History 11 - 13 



Grey London / Junior Experience Designer  Sep - Nov 17​​​​​

Grey London / Experience Design Intern  June - Aug 17​​​​​

SomeOne in London / Creative Intern  July - Sep 16

Falmouth University / Senior Student Ambassador  15 - 17

The Isaac Partnership / Junior Designer  June - Sep 14